PAAD2- Physical Activity and Alzheimer’s Disease 2

Dr. Jenny EtnierDr. Jennifer Etnier is the principal investigator for the PAAD2 study and a professor in the department of Kinesiology at UNCG. She is studying the relationship between physical activity and Alzheimer’s disease. 

What is this research study about?

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro are conducting research to determine if a person’s genetic risk for Alzheimer’s disease predicts the benefits they receive from exercise. If you qualify to participate, you may receive a FREE 12-month physical activity program OR be asked to maintain your normal lifestyle and then receive a FREE short-term YMCA membership.

Who is eligible to participate?

Inclusion criteria: 

  • Between 40-65 years of age
  • Family history of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Currently not regularly physically active

Exclusion criteria (these will be determined through questionnaires and testing):

  • Experiencing symptoms of cognitive impairment or depression
  • Unable to exercise for health reasons
  • Taking medications that affect thinking or exercise
  • Uncorrected visual or hearing impairment


  • Screening for eligibility
  • Testing (2-3 hours) at the beginning (on 2 days), 6-months (on 1 day), and 1-year (on 2 days)
  • Testing includes measure of fitness and thinking abilities, questionnaires, blood and saliva samples, and an MRI scan
  • Participation in a FREE exercise program at a YMCA 3 days per week for 1 year OR maintain normal activity level for 1 year and then receive a FREE short-term YMCA membership


  • Participants will receive $30/day for testing sessions

paad2 team
Movement, Meaning, and Memory Presentation June 4, 2019 at CAN-NC